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Doctors-IEA (STUDY IN RUSSIA) offers all interested students the opportunity to study at prestigious Russian state universities and to get higher education in more than 200 medical, engineering, technical, economic and humanities specialties. Below is a brief list of specialties to help you make your choice. If you will not find the specialty of your interest in the list, please do not hesitate to send a request for your specialty to our e-mail address: you will get a prompt response.

MEDICAL SPECIALTIES (MBBS in Russia|Study Medicine in Russia)
• General medicine (tuition in Russian, English): course duration- 6 years
• Sports medicine: course duration – 6 years
• Pediatrics: course duration – 6 years
• Dentistry (tuition in Russian or English): course duration – 5 years
• Pharmacy (tuition in Russian or French): course duration – 5 years
• Clinical psychology: course duration – 5 years
Postgraduate studies in more than 100 medical subjects:
• Internship. Course duration – 1 year
• Clinical residency- Course duration – from 2 to 5 years depending on the speciality
• PhD: course duration – 3 years

More than 20 economic specialties are offered: management; economy; business information systems; commerce; public and municipal administration; banking management; accounting, analysis and audit; human resource management and others.

• Specialties in the field of mining, oil and gas engineering, exploration and prospecting of subterranean waters, oil and gas fields and minerals.
• Specialties in Architecture, civil and industrial engineering, project design restoration, design, water and heat supply engineering, production of building materials, units and constructions.
• Specialties in Aviation, piloting, airport complex management, air navigation, aircraft engines and power generating systems, air navigation maintenance.
• Specialties in the field of computer technologies, information systems and security, radio engineering, electronics, robotic systems, telecommunications and communication systems.
• Specialties in the field of ship navigation, shipbuilding, technical operation of ships and shipping equipment, operation cargo equipment at ports and transport terminals.
• Specialties in the field of electrical engineering, electro technologies, electric power supply.
• Specialties in the field of agronomy, agricultural engineering, agricultural production and processing, forestry, ecology, veterinary medicine.
• Specialties in the food technology and production, food and nutrition.

Humanities and Classic specialties are offered: nanotechnology, mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, biophysics, geography, cartography, history, ecology, soil science, philosophy, sociology, logistics, psychology, statistics, museum and monument protection, law, philology, international relations, journalism, linguistics, publishing, public relations, advertising, design, translation and translation studies, tourism, hospitality, physical education and sport, pedagogy and psychology, performing arts (acting), theatre direction, cinema and television direction, camera-operating technologies, music, graphics, choreography, conducting, sound engineering, producing and others.
Course duration for engineering and technical specialties, economical specialties, classical and humanities specialties:
• Bachelor of Science: degree – 4 years
• Master of Science: degree – 2 years
• Specialist qualification – 5 years
• PhD – 3 years

Note: some specialties can be studied in either Russian or English. To get specific details of this regarding your chosen specialty please enquire at:

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